Coinomia is a relatively new company that sells cloud based bitcoin and ethereum mining contracts.

*Industry Bitcoin Mining
*Founded 2014
Company Blog
*How Bitcoin Works – Watch

Yes, sign me up please.



Three Ways to earn money from COINOMIA. Referral Commission When you introduce someone to Coinomia, your referral commission ranges from 8% – 12%. Determination of commissions depends upon the contract tier purchased by you. Binary Income  is income from matching. As soon as the direct member joins the network, you get a direct referral commission up to 12% (Depending upon their contract). As of now, when you already have 1 member under you in one of your Leg, you place the other one on the weaker leg to match the Potential Volume.  1:1 PV, you get Additional $10 Binary commission for matching. Repurchase Income Repurchase Binary features table binary in the multiples of 3:3, 9’s, 27’s, 81’s, 243’s, 729’s, 2187’s, 6561’s. Coinomia claims you can make $65610 daily if you and your team perform the level best. To get the benefits of repurchase, you need to repurchase the product and get incentives from your downline.

EARNINGS FOR FREE MEMBERS You can also generate income without even purchasing any contracts. This can be achieved through direct referrals. Create a free account, Refer users using your personalized referral link. Every purchase, is eligible for a Direct Referral Commission of 5% of their contract.

The free user will only be eligible for Referral commission of 5% on the contract purchase from his direct referral. There is no bar in referring users. The user however will not be eligible for Binary Commissions or Repurchase Commissions. In case, the user purchases any contract before the expiry cycle of 24 hours, he will also be eligible for Mining income and Binary Commissions too. Withdrawals can only be made when the affiliate panel is active. User can activate his Affiliate Panel by paying the affiliate fee of $100 per year.

Yes, sign me up please.



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