JVZoo is a marketing platform for digital products and is for the makers of digital products as well as affiliate marketers who are looking to promote these products on their websites. They make it easy for sellers to promote, list and sell their products and give affiliate marketers some great digital products to promote. They have a wide variety of different categories to choose from with hundreds of digital products on offer.

*Privately owned company
*Industry advertising & marketing
*Founded 2009
*Headquarters Madison, Alabama
*Free for both Vendors and Affiliates
*Instant Payments instantly via your PayPal account
*Affiliate Cookies are saved, so if that referral purchases another product from that Vendor (even in the future), you will get paid automatically.
*Generous Commissions because digital products cost nothing to distribute, most sellers often offer 50% on their products.
*Excellent Sales Stats and Tracking for products
*Wide Variety of Categories to find targeted products for your niche
* Website: www.jvzoo.com

*Free for both Vendors and Affiliates
(Check this out, I built an example affiliate site on the fly)

I would like to note that this vendor is available on ClickBank as well as JVZOO. As a Vendor or Affiliate, there is no reason to limit your audience to one marketplace. In fact, signing up for multiple trusted companies is the best way to generate revenue.

Yes, sign me up please.

30% Commission FOR LIFE

At JVZooHost they know affiliates can be a major part of advertisement for them so they make sure to compensate for that! JVZooHost pays you EVERY time someone you refer makes a payment to them! Sign up for the affiliate program today and start earning recurring commissions. It’s free to join and simple to sign up.

Here are just a few things available to you in the affiliate program:

*Highest recurring commissions in the industry
*Real time stats and reporting
*Tested High converting banner ads
*Commissions on in demand web services
*Paid monthly for the life of your referral

Yes, sign me up as an affiliate please.


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