FaucetHub is a micro-payment system which allows you to receive payments from faucet websites quickly and easily. You collect your coins, once reaching the minimal payout threshold, your bitcoin is sent to your bitcoin wallet. This site makes it easy to send payments as a website/faucet owner as well as instantly receive payments as a user.

Website www.faucethub.io
Faucet list
Faucet management
IP block

Yes, sign me up please.



FaucetHub offers an affiliate commission for bringing in new users. In addition, the faucet sites themselves often offer a referral program. Faucethub does not require any tax information. All commissions are paid directly to designated digital wallet once the required threshold is met. If you are new to faucets or even bitcoin for that matter, this site is a great guide for getting started.

Learn about Faucets and Bitcoin

How I promote FaucetHub’s Affiliate Program and generate income in addition to providing a service:
Jenny’s Bit
Bitcoin Village
Land of Bit
Satoshi Ave



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